19. Tasks/Commands for Flushing DataPower Cache

DataPower caches stylesheets, XML documents and various other items. There is often a need to flush the cache. For example, the stylesheet/XSLT cache should be flushed after XSLT files were updated on the file system. DPBuddy provides several tasks to flush DataPower caches.

19.1. flushStylesheetCache/flushDocumentCache/flushXMLCache

These tasks flush XSLT and/or XML document caches:

  • flushStylesheetCache flushes the XSLT cache.
  • flushDocumentCache flushes the XML document cache.
  • flushXMLCache flushes both the XML document and XSLT caches.

19.1.1. Attributes/Options

Name Description Required

Regular expression matching the names of XML managers that should be flushed.

Exception is raised if no matching XML manager was found.

Defaults to ”.*” (matches all XML managers).


19.1.2. Examples

Flush the document cache of the default XML manager.

dpbuddy flushDocumentCache -xmlManager "def.*"
<dp:flushXMLCache xmlManager="def.*"/>

You can find more examples under samples in your distribution or online.

19.2. flushAAACache

This task flushes the AAA policy cache.

19.2.1. Attributes/Options

Name Description Required

Regular expression matching the names of AAA policies that should be flushed.

Exception is raised if no matching AAA policy was found.

Defaults to ”.*” (matches all AAA policies).


19.2.2. Examples

Flush “test” AAA policy.

<dp:flushAAACache policy="Test.*"/>

19.3. flushMiscCache

This task allows you to flush the following DataPower caches: DNS, RBM and ND (neighbor discovery).

19.3.1. Attributes/Options

Name Description Required

Comma-delimited list of cache types. A cache type must be one of the following: DNS, RBM or ND.

Flushing the RBM cache removes all cached user names and passwords from memory.


19.4. flushAllCache

This task invokes flushXMLCache, flushAAACache and flushMiscCache tasks.

flushXMLCache and flushAAACache are invoked with ”.*” regexp to flush all XML managers and AAA policies. flushMiscCache is invoked with the RBM and DNS cache types.