5. Enabling Verbose LoggingΒΆ

DPBuddy prints detailed debug information when it runs in verbose mode. This information includes SOAP/XML generated by DPBuddy and responses returned by DataPower.

To simplify the viewing of request/response XML, DPBuddy does not print Base64-encoded strings used by DataPower to transfer files.

To run DPBuddy in verbose mode, provide the -v option to a DPBuddy command or to Ant, e.g.:

dpbuddy import -file domain.zip -v

In some cases, there might be a need to troubleshoot HTTPS connection and traffic between DPBuddy and DataPower. This can be enabled by dpbuddy.log.http property. Set this property to true and run DPBuddy in verbose mode.

You can also set javax.net.debug system property if you need to troubleshoot SSL/TLS. This could be helpful if you use a custom SSL proxy profile for your XML management interface in DataPower.

To set this propery, simply add it to ANT_OPTS or DPBUDDY_OPTS, e.g.:

set ANT_OPTS=-Djavax.net.debug=ssl

To view results of transformations when running Ant in non-verbose mode, set dp.verbose.transform property to true.