Release Notes

3.5.2 Release Notes

DPBuddy 3.5.2 is our annual maintenance update of the tool, released in March 2023.

All dependencies (third-party libraries used by DPBuddy) have been refreshed. This includes removing and updating libraries with security vulnerabilities.

DPBuddy has been tested with all the recent releases of Java, up to Java 19. Java 8 is the lowest-supported Java release.

We have thoroughly tested DPBuddy 3.5.2 against the most recent DataPower firmware versions, including 10.5.

3.5.1 Release Notes

DPBuddy 3.5.1 is our annual maintenance update of the tool.

We’ve refreshed the underlying third-party libraries used by DPBuddy and addressed security vulnerabilities caused by some of these libraries.

We’ve implemented various code changes to ensure that DPBuddy can be used with all the recent Java releases.

All modern Java versions are now fully supported; Java 8 is the lowest supported Java release.

We have thoroughly tested DPBuddy 3.5.1 against all the latest DataPower firmware versions, including the most recent releases (CD and LTS) of 10.0.0 and 2018.4.

3.5 Release Notes

The focus of this release is on managing deployment and reporting of X.509 certificates and keys.

New capabilities:

  • Extremely flexible deployment of certificates and keys from files, endpoints and keystores using the new deployCrypto command.

  • Comprehensive reporting and compliance verification of certificates and keys using the new listCrypto command.

  • You can now see the usage of any object (object reference chain) using listObjects/objectStatus command.

  • passwordAlias command now supports “expiration” parameter that will be displayed in the crypto report so you can easily see when a password needs to be changed.

  • New listDomains command that prints all domains and their statuses.

  • New disable/enable commands to quickly disable or enable objects.

  • Support for all modern versions of Java, tested with Java 15.

Changes to existing commands/tasks:

  • Deleted and disabled objects are excluded from quiesce/un-quiesce checks.

  • copy now supports “file” option to deploy a single file

  • Improved error handling in the copy

  • listObjects/objectStatus command can display the usage of any DataPower object (what objects reference a given object).

  • listObjects/objectStatus command also displays the details of the status, e.g., the reason why an object is down.

  • listObjects/objectStatus command now excludes internal objects, such as generated policies and log labels.

  • listObjects/objectStatus command now supports -down option to only show objects that are not running.

  • listObjects/objectStatus command now supports -enabled and -disabled options to show only enabled or disabled objects.

  • listObjects/objectStatus command now supports -fail option that forces the command to fail if any of the objects are in the “down” state.

  • updateConfig command now supports -updateConfPath and -matchObjects options. -updateConfPath allows to specify configuration changes in dpbuddy.conf.

DPBuddy 3.5 has been thoroughly tested with the latest firmware versions, including the most recent releases of 10.0 and 2018.4.1.

3.4 Release Notes

New capabilities:

New commands/tasks:

  • exportConf command exports dpbuddy.conf configuration as environment variables to simplify integration with shell scripts.

  • testTcp command

  • saveAll command saves all domains.

Changes to existing commands/tasks:

  • checkpoint now supports automatic removal of old checkpoints.

  • More flexible download command. It now supports preserveTimestamp, downloadIfChanged, appendHost options/attributes.

  • Export now supports includeDebug, refObjects, refFiles at the command/task level. These settings are applied to all objects being exported by the command.

  • connect alias for testConnection/connect command.

  • passwordAlias now automatically updates existing password alias objects. Previously, it could only create the new ones.

  • Many bug fixes.

Changes to the status reporting/state verification commands:

  • Deleted or disabled objects are excluded from the assertState checkOld.

  • listServices/serviceStatus (listServices) now includes device name and domain in the report, supports querying multiple domains.

Changes to querying objects using regexp matching

  • Support for objects and exclude parameters/attributes in assertState, quiesce, export, updateConfig, delConfig as an alternative to classPattern/namePattern. You can provide a comma-delimited list of regexp patterns in the format “class:name, class:name” to objects/exclude. Class and name could be optional, e.g., “class, class” or “:name”. objects determines objects to apply a command to, exclude determines what objects to exclude.

  • -class and -name can be used as an alias for -classPattern and -namePattern.

  • Class matching is no longer case sensitive.

  • Object name matching is not case sensitive in all commands that support objects option/attribute.

  • Global ignore list can now take regular expressions.

Changes to quiesce commands:

  • Support for quiescing multiple domains.

  • Disabled objects are automatically excluded from queisce/unqueisce.

  • Quiesce support directly from restartDP command.

DPBuddy configuration changes:

  • dpbuddy.conf can now reside in $DPBUDDY_HOME/conf, no need to define $DPBUDDY_CONFIG in this case.

  • -confFile alias for -configFile in all commands.

  • Ability to override DPBuddy log location using $DPBUDDY_LOG_HOME.

DPBuddy 3.4 has been thoroughly tested with the latest firmware versions, including the most recent fixpacks for 7.7, 7.6 and 7.5.