Build and Deployment Automation

Streamlined and efficient build and deployment process is extremely important for developers productivity and for project success.

We can help implement such process. We’ve implemented end-to-end build/deployment automation for a number of large-scale Java EE and COTS-based projects. We have in-depth knowledge of Ant, Maven and various middleware administration and management tools and APIs, especially the ones used by IBM WebSphere products.

For projects utilizing IBM WebSphere products we rely on our Autobuild build/deployment automation solution. We can quickly configure and extend Autobuild to meet your needs. If you already developed scripts that automate certain tasks, such as building of JAR or WAR files, we can integrate Autobuild with your scripts. For Maven-based projects, we utilize Autobuild’s deployment and configuration tasks and rely on Maven for core build functionality.

We strive to implement end-to-end automated process that supports all the tools used in your build/deploy/release/test cycle. These tools may include testing tools, static code analysis tools, build servers, version control systems. We also take into account differences between operational environments, such as development and production.