Administration Automation Tool for IBM DataPower

DataPower Buddy (DPBuddy) is a tool for automating the administration and management of IBM DataPower Gateways. DPBuddy fully automates the build, deployment and release process of DataPower configuration and related files, such as XSLT and JavaScript files. DPBuddy makes development for DataPower Gateways a breeze through its integration with popular development, testing and build tools, such as Eclipse, Jenkins, Ant, Maven, Gradle, SoapUI and many others.

DPBuddy requires no knowledge of DataPower CLI, XML management interface or XSLT.

There is no scripting involved — you can automate your deployments using a single command:

dpbuddy import -device "dp1,dp2" -file -rollbackOnError -assertObjectsUp -domainComments "Release 7.5.2" -save

This command will perform the import, validate that all objects and services are up and running and save the configuration. If anything goes wrong, DPBuddy will automatically roll back the configuration and download the appropriate log entries from DataPower to help you troubleshoot the issue. All these steps will be automatically performed against two appliances and/or domains: "dp1" and "dp2". DPBuddy will also update domain comments with the release number (or any other information useful for release tracking) so it could be accessed directly from DataPower WebGUI. And this only scratches the surface of what DPBuddy can do.

Download the tool and try it out. DPBuddy's installation is quick and simple.

DPBuddy was first released in 2010 and it is used by many organizations around the world.

DPBuddy provides many benefits to organizations relying on DataPower appliances:
  • Implement automated and continuous delivery of your services and APIs.
  • Eliminate errors caused by manual misconfiguration. DataPower appliances always play a key role in a datacenter, so any configuration mistakes could lead to serious security and other consequences.
  • Define your deployment policies and rules in one place.
  • Enable end-to-end traceability of your releases; audit all the changes to your services and APIs.
  • Eliminate configuration drift; make sure that the configuration is consistent across all of your appliances, especially the ones in production.
  • Make your DataPower developers and administrators more productive; quickly implement self-service capabilities for your development and operations staff.
Key DPBuddy features include:
  • Support for all the functions needed by DataPower administrators and developers: export/import, bulk file upload/download, services status verification, quiescence, backups and many others.
  • Intelligent configuration import with the support for automatic service state verification, quiescence, checkpoints and rollbacks.
  • Bulk copy of files to the appliance governed by include/exclude patterns; DPBuddy can reproduce the entire local directory tree on the device. Bulk download of files is supported as well.
  • Any DPBuddy command can be applied to multiple appliances or domains without scripting. In case of any errors DPBuddy will automatically rollback either just the failed domains or all the devices/domains affected by the change.
  • Ability to easily and automatically create templates out of exported DataPower configuration files; Ant/Groovy/Gradle variables can be used anywhere in any file managed by DPBuddy.
  • Easy-to-use XML transformation capabilities built into all key DPBuddy commands to help adjust DataPower configuration (or any XML file for that matter) to the target environment — use XPath, text search/replace, DataPower types/names or Groovy scripts to define your transformation rules.
  • Support for patterns and regular expressions to specify what DataPower objects and services to apply a command to.
  • Execution of all potentially disruptive commands is audited. DPBuddy creates an audit log of all changes made to a domain. The audit log is kept locally as well as in every DataPower domain where changes occurred. The audit log can be easily uploaded to an enterprise SIEM tool.
  • Support for all DataPower firmware versions, including the most up-to-date releases of versions 7.5, 7.5.2, 7.2 and 7.1.

DPBuddy provides many other features; see the feature list for more details.

Download your 45-day trial version of DPBuddy to get started.

Please contact us with any questions.