Cache-Related Examples


dpbuddy flushStylesheetCache
dpbuddy flushDocumentCache -xmlManager "def.*"
dpbuddy flushXMLCache
dpbuddy flushMiscCache -cacheTypes "DNS,RBM"


<project name="dpbuddy.samples.cache" basedir="." xmlns:dp="antlib:com.myarch.dpbuddy" >

        Samples demonstrating cache-related tasks

    <target name="flush.xml.cache" description="Flush stylesheet and XML document caches" >
        <!-- Flush stylesheets for all XML managers -->
        <!-- Flush documents for the default XML manager -->
        <dp:flushDocumentCache xmlManager="def.*"/>
        <!-- Flush both documents and stylesheets for all XML managers -->

    <target name="" description="Flush AAA cache" >
        <!-- Flush AAA policy that begins with "Test" -->
        <dp:flushAAACache policy="Test.*"/>
        <!-- Flush all AAA policies (at least one must exist) -->
        <dp:flushAAACache />

    <target name="flush.misc.cache" description="Flush various DataPower caches " >
        <dp:flushMiscCache cacheTypes="DNS,  RBM" />

    <target name="flush.all.cache" description="Flush all caches" >

    <target name="cache.all" depends="flush.xml.cache,,flush.misc.cache,flush.all.cache" />