Quiescence/Un-quiescence of Services and Domains


# Quiesce all WS proxies - change the default timeout to 80 seconds
dpbuddy quiesce -classPattern WSGateway -timeout 80
# Un-quiesce all WS proxies
dpbuddy unquiesce -classPattern WSGateway
# Quiesce the current domain (the one defined by dp.domain property)
dpbuddy quiesceDomain
# Un-quiesce the current domain
dpbuddy unquiesceDomain


<project name="dpbuddy.samples.quiesce" basedir="." xmlns:dp="antlib:com.myarch.dpbuddy" >

        Samples demonstrating quiescence/un-quiescence of services and domain

    <target name="quiesce">
            <!-- Quiesce all Web services proxies -->
            <object class="WSGateway" />
            <!-- Quiesce front-side handlers  -->
            <object class="HTTPSourceProtocolHa.*" name="Test.*"/>

    <target name="unquiesce">
            <object class="WSGateway" />
            <object class="HTTPSourceProtocolHa.*" name="TestHTTPHandler"/>

    <target name="quiesce.domain">
        <dp:quiesceDomain />

    <target name="unquiesce.domain">

    <target name="quiesce.all" depends="quiesce,unquiesce,quiesce.domain,unquiesce.domain" />