Updated Online Documentation

We’ve converted our documentation to the online HTML format, which is much easier to navigate than the old PDF file. Future releases of DPBuddy will be bundled with this documentation instead of PDF.

Support for DataPower Firmware Version 7

We ran our full test suite against the recently released DataPower Version 7 and did not see any issues. If you’re planning to migrate to version 7 in the future, all your DPBuddy scripts and commands should continue working.

Support for GatewayScript

Support for JavaScript (a.k.a. GatewayScript) is the most noticeable new feature in DataPower firmware Version 7. GatewayScript can be used as part of any processing policy as an alternative to the XSLT-based rules.

Please see this page for the tips on developing and deploying GatewayScript files.