Automated Release and Configuration Management for IBM DataPower

Also includes monitoring, compliance, backups, firmware version management

Trusted by many customers around the world since our first release in 2010.

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Automated Configuration Management and Testing

  • Deploy your DataPower configuration to multiple appliances/domains with a single command
  • Automatically verify the state of all changes; automatically smoke-test your services as part of a deployment
  • Infinite flexibility — quiesce/un-quiesce, restart, rollback in case of errors. Control it all with a few simple configuration settings
  • Support for deployment of any granularity — from a single service to multiple domains
  • Easily incorporate DPBuddy into your existing delivery/release management process using your existing tools

dpbuddy import -device "dp1,dp2" -file -quiesce -unquiesce \
  -rollbackOnError -assertObjectsUp -domainComments "Release 3.5" -save


  • Full support for Git or any other version control system
  • Continuous or on-demand delivery — you commit your changes, DPBuddy does the rest
  • Support for any CI/CD server or a configuration automation tool (Jenkins, CircleCI, etc.)
  • Work with your editor or IDE of choice to develop JSON/XSLTs locally; upload them to DataPower in one click
  • Quickly validate JSON/XML/XSLT on the client before uploading

Comprehensive Crypto (Certificate and Key) and Password Management

  • Deploy directly to DataPower from files in any format -- PEM, keystores, PKCS #8/#12 or from endpoints
  • View a complete inventory of all certificates and keys across all of your domains and devices in one place
  • Quickly identify self-signed, expired, weak and other out-of-policy certificates, get alerted when an issue is detected
  • Whitelist/blacklist certificate issuers; be assured that you only trust approved partners
  • Manage password expiration, get alerted when passwords are about to expire

Automation for Administrators

  • Automation of backups/restores, including secure backups
  • Automated installation of new firmware versions: stay up to date with all the vulnerabilities and patches
  • Consistent way for creating system objects across multiple domains and appliances: network interfaces, host aliases, users, etc.
  • Easily keep multiple appliances in sync for disaster recovery and scalability (cluster)

Visibility into Operational Metrics and Compliance Reporting

  • View configuration settings of all of your appliances in one place
  • Quickly identify configuration differences and configuration drift
  • Obtain all the relevant operational metrics with a single command
  • Consolidation, intelligent parsing and forwarding of DataPower logs and metrics to Splunk or Elasticsearch

A Few Simple Commands is All You Need

Automate without scripting, monitor your services, check for compliance
Realize full potential of DataPower gateways

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