We're pleased to announce that DPBuddy 3.1 is now available. The main feature of this release is the DPBuddy command-line interface (CLI). All of DPBuddy's Ant tasks can now be executed as shell commands without having to create or run Ant build files.

For example, to import a file, you can run the following command:

dpbuddy import -file services.zip -assertObjectsUp -save

All attributes of DPBuddy's Ant tasks are translated into command line options, so that DPBuddy commands have the same capabilities as Ant tasks.

Another important feature is the substantially expanded "import" command/task. It provides the following new capabilities:

  • Automatic rollback to a checkpoint in case of an import failure.
  • Creating the checkpoint before the import.
  • Quiescing the domain before the import and unquiescing it after the import.
  • Checking that the ports used by the imported services are open after the import.
  • Resetting the domain's configuration before the import to clean the domain.
  • Setting the domain's comments, which could be used for version tracking.
  • Resolving template variables without having to provide an empty "transform" element.

Other new features in this release include the following:.

  • A simplified way of specifying DataPower objects in export, assertState, quiesce and other tasks/commands. You can now provide regular expressions defining object types and names via attributes instead of having to define a nested element in Ant, e.g., <dp:export file="${export.zip.file}" classPattern="(WSGatew.*|.*Firewall.*)"/>
  • Copy command/task now supports the "incudes" attribute/option so you don't have to specify the nested fileset.
  • Copy/command task now supports the "flushCache" attribute/option to automatically clear the XML cache after copying.
  • You can specify the environment prefix using the "env" attribute/option instead of having to use the "environment" task.
  • Export now gets rid of unused namespace declarations, so the resulting XML file is cleaner.
  • The ability to delete all objects related to a particuar service. DataPower does not do it by default, but using DPBuddy you can now clear all artifacts related to a particular service.
  • "assertOpenPorts" task/command to verify that specific ports are actually open on the device.
  • "testConnection" task.

Download DPBuddy 3.1