We're pleased to announce that DPBuddy 3.2-beta is now available. The main feature of this release is the ability to execute any DPBuddy task or command against multiple devices and/or domains. Simply define the URLs of your devices using environment properties and supply a list of environment prefixes to a command or an Ant task:

dpbuddy import -file services.zip -env "dev,test"

DPBuddy will execute the command against all the devices in the list, and, in case of any errors, it would optionally rollback either just the failed domains or all the devices/domains in the list.

You can find more details in the DPBuddy documentation.

Other new features include:

The release also contains several important bug fixes.

The general availability of DPBuddy 3.2 is expected in January 2015. Meanwhile, please let us know if you're interested in becoming part of our beta program.