Most DataPower installations in production contain two DataPower devices with identical or similar configuration.
It is actually quite easy to keep the two devices in sync using Apache Ant and DPBuddy administration tool.
DPBuddy supports a notion of an environment prefix. The prefix groups together connectivity properties for each device:


The above property list defines dp.username, dp.password and dp.domain properties that are common to all environments and two XML management URLs for our DataPower cluster.

Then the Ant target for importing configuration into both devices could look like this:


Note that for speed we chose to execute both imports in parallel; it is perfectly save to do it with dpbuddy as all of its tasks are thread-safe.

If your “dp:import” tasks is more complex (e.g. because of use of deployment policies), you may want to create an Ant macro for each task to avoid duplicating parameters.

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