Several SOA vendors are trying to put together comprehensive suites of SOA products that in theory should be capable of
all aspects of SOA, including governance, integration, business process management and others.

Formation of SOA suites is having a tremendous impacts on how SOA products are selected
as many organizations
are being tempted to settle for “one stop shop” approach as opposed to doing proper product evaluation
within each SOA product category. (Interesting discussion about SOA suites is available at

So what is a SOA suite and how offerings from different vendors support different aspects of SOA?
The table below attempts to answer this question.

One thing to keep in mind is that SOA products within the same category can differ
substantially in terms of their feature sets. Definitions of ESB, registry and other SOA product
categories are not standardized and so vendors are free to categorize their products as they
wish. Detailed analysis and evaluation is still a requirement when selecting SOA products.

IBM, BEA and Oracle are emerging as leaders in terms of completeness of their SOA suites.
Microsoft’s products are not as comprehensive, nevertheless Microsoft’s marketshare makes it
a signifcant player – Micorsoft’s shops tend to be very loyal to the vendor even if
Microsoft’s SOA story is not as compelling.

Other vendors, including Software AG/webMethods and HP have interesting
offerings too, however, they still have some gaps in their capabilities and so they
are not covered here (perhaps I’ll add more vendors in the future).

  IBM BEA Oracle Microsoft
Web Services Container (applicaiton server)
WebSphere Application Serer

WebLogic Application Server

Oracle Application Server
WebSphere ESB

Message Broker

AquaLogic Service Bus

Enterprise Service Bus

(part of Oracle SOA suite)

BizTalk Server
(some ESB capabilities)
WebSphere Registry and Repository

AquaLogic Service Registry

(re-braned Systinet product)

AqualLogic Enterprise Repository

(FlashLine aquisition)

Oracle Service Registry

(re-braned Systinet product?)
Business Process Management
WebSphere Process Server
(also includes ESB)

AquaLogic BPM Suite

(Fuego acquisition)

BPEL Process Manager

BizTalk Server
Business Activity Monitoring
WebSphere Business Monitor

AquaLogic BPM Suite

Business Activity Monitoring

BizTalk Server
SOA Security
Tivoli Access Manager

Tivoli Federated Identity Manager

WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances

AquaLogic Enterprise Security

Oracle Web Services Manager

(formerly Oblix COREsv)
SOA Management
Tivoli Composite Application Manager for SOA
(part of Tivoli suite)

BEA AquaLogic SOA Management

Oracle Web Services Manager

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