We're pleased to announce that DPBuddy 3.2 is now available. The main feature of this release is the ability to execute any DPBuddy task or command against multiple devices and/or domains. Simply define the URLs of your devices using environment properties and supply a list of environment prefixes to a command or an Ant task:

dpbuddy import -file services.zip -env "dev,test"

DPBuddy will execute the command against all the devices in the list, and, in case of any errors, it would optionally rollback either just the failed domains or all the devices/domains in the list.

You can find more details in the DPBuddy documentation.

Other new features include:

  • Full support for the latest versions of DataPower firmware, including versions and
  • Support for remotely executing DataPower CLI commands and configuration scripts. DPBuddy can upload the script to the device and execute it there. The scripts can contain Ant/Groovy variables.
  • “Copy”, “action” and several other commands now support auto-rollback in case of an error.
  • New execTarget task allowing for automatic execution of any set of Ant targets against multiple devices/domains. Similar to other DPBuddy tasks, “execTask” supports auto-rollback.
  • tailLog command used for remotely tailing DataPower logs now displays domain, log category and object type.
  • Deployment policy used by “import” and other commands can now be direct output of “export”. Previously, the exported file had to be manually cleaned up prior to using it as part of “import”.
  • Support for a global "ignore list" of object classes and names. This list is used by state check commands to exclude those objects from the check that are supposed to be in the "down" state.
  • Better error handling in the “copy” command.
  • Support for TLS 1.2.
  • DPBuddy CLI can now be run under Cygwin.
  • New ping command.
  • Enhanced troubleshooting of HTTP connections between DataPower and DPBuddy.

The release also contains several important bug fixes.

You can download DPBuddy 3.2 trial from this page.