It is often desirable to “push” configuration changes to nodes in the cell without having to wait for the periodic node sync process to kick in. This becomes a requirement if you want to run some kind of automated testing as part of your configuration/deployment process (which is a very good practice). For example, you may have a build process which runs HTTPUnit tests immediately after the change.

In this case, you really don’t want to rely on any artificial “sleeps” and delays in your script, so triggering synchronization programmatically is the best option.

This is actually quite simple to accomplish, as illustrated by the following script:

Sync configuration changes with nodes

# Commit changes to the configuration repository

# Obtain deployment manager MBean

# "syncActiveNodes" can only be run on the deployment manager's MBean, 
# it will fail in standalone environment
if dm:
    print "Synchronizing configuration repository with nodes. Please wait..."
    # Force sync with all currently active nodes
    nodes=AdminControl.invoke(dm, "syncActiveNodes", "true")
    print "The following nodes have been synchronized: "+str(nodes)
    print "Standalone server, no nodes to sync"

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6 thoughts on “WebSphere Administration: How to Force Node Synchronization

  1. Interestingly enough, the V 7 scriptLibraries contain a method that is almost identical to this routine:

    See C:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer70\scriptLibraries\system\V70\ and look for the syncActiveNodes() method in line 449.

  2. Great! The articles so far have been full of great material. Glad to hear the serious will continue. Keep ’em coming!

  3. What does the “true” parameter to syncActiveNodes do exactly? My first guess was “perform a full sync”, but I cannot find any documentation on the methods of the DeploymentManager MBean. Any suggestions?

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