PAnt 2.0.1 contains an important bug fix that was preventing using certain Ant tasks from python. Specifically, the bug affected all tasks that utilize addConfigured method to handle nested elements. This included the "manifest" task and several others.

You can download PAnt 2.0.1 from the PAnt project page

One thought on “PAnt 2.0.1 is Released

  1. Hello Alexander,

    I found your Pant Tool in the internet and wanted to try it. I installed eclipse (Eclipse IDE for Java Developers) with PyDev, Jython 2.5.2 and created new Python Project. In the Project I added the pant.jar in the External Libs.

    As far as I understood I need start now the build.xml from your example directory to set the jythonInit. The problem is if I start the build file I get a following error “[taskdef] Could not load definitions from resource com/myarch/antjython/jython-antlib.xml. It could not be found”.

    What should be set?

    Best Regards,

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