This task deletes files and directories on the device. All files and directories matching the include regexp pattern are deleted.

Run this task in “dry run” mode first to determine what is actually going to be deleted.


Name Description Required

Regular expression pattern defining what files and directories to delete.

The match is done against the entire path of a file, including the filesystem (e.g., local:/). Note that the filesystem is separated by a single slash, i.e., the pattern local://.*xsd will not match anything.

You cannot delete the root of the filesystem, though it is possible to delete everything under the root with the pattern local:/(?!ondisk$).*. Replace “ondisk” with the mountpoint of your disk array if it is not the default.


If set to true, fail if no files matched the include pattern.

Defaults to true.


If set to true, print the files and directories that will be deleted but don’t make any changes to the device.

Defaults to false.

CLI alias: domains

Comma-delimited list of regular expression patterns defining what domains to apply the command to. Use ‘.*’ for all domains except the default. Use ‘.*,default’ to include the default domain.

Defaults to the current domain. The current domain is specified using the dpDomain property or domain attribute of the task.



Delete all “*.xsd” files from “local:/”:

dpbuddy delete -include="local:/.*\.xsd"
<dp:delete include="local:/.*\.xsd" />

You can find more examples under samples in your distribution or online.