3.4 Release Notes

New capabilities:

New commands/tasks:

  • exportConf command exports dpbuddy.conf configuration as environment variables to simplify integration with shell scripts.
  • testTcp command
  • saveAll command saves all domains.

Changes to existing commands/tasks:

  • checkpoint now supports automatic removal of old checkpoints.
  • More flexible download command. It now supports preserveTimestamp, downloadIfChanged, appendHost options/attributes.
  • Export now supports includeDebug, refObjects, refFiles at the command/task level. These settings are applied to all objects being exported by the command.
  • connect alias for testConnection/connect command.
  • passwordAlias now automatically updates existing password alias objects. Previously, it could only create the new ones.
  • Many bug fixes.

Changes to the status reporting/state verification commands:

  • Deleted or disabled objects are excluded from the assertState check.
  • listServices/serviceStatus (listServices) now includes device name and domain in the report, supports querying multiple domains.

Changes to querying objects using regexp matching

  • Support for objects and exclude parameters/attributes in assertState, quiesce, export, updateConfig, delConfig as an alternative to classPattern/namePattern. You can provide a comma-delimited list of regexp patterns in the format “class:name, class:name” to objects/exclude. Class and name could be optional, e.g., “class, class” or “:name”. objects determines objects to apply a command to, exclude determines what objects to exclude.
  • -class and -name can be used as an alias for -classPattern and -namePattern.
  • Class matching is no longer case sensitive.
  • Object name matching is not case sensitive in all commands that support objects option/attribute.
  • Global ignore list can now take regular expressions.

Changes to quiesce commands:

  • Support for quiescing multiple domains.
  • Disabled objects are automatically excluded from queisce/unqueisce.
  • Quiesce support directly from restartDP command.

DPBuddy configuration changes:

  • dpbuddy.conf can now reside in $DPBUDDY_HOME/conf, no need to define $DPBUDDY_CONFIG in this case.
  • -confFile alias for -configFile in all commands.
  • Ability to override DPBuddy log location using $DPBUDDY_LOG_HOME.

DPBuddy 3.4 has been thoroughly tested with the latest firmware versions, including the most recent fixpacks for 7.7, 7.6 and 7.5.