Latest IBM DataPower Firmware Version

The latest LTS (long-term support) version of DataPower firmware is released in May, 2020.

You can upgrade your IBM DataPower gateways directly from our DPBuddy using the following commands (this will upgrade multiple devices at once):

dpbuddy quiesceDomain -domains ".*" -device "device1, device2 ..." 
dpbuddy firmware -fromUrl "<url for you DataPower model>" -device "device1, device2 ..." 
dpbuddy connect -device "device1, device2 ..." 

Consult Fix Central to find the exact download link for your firmware options and for your flavor of IBM DataPower.

You may also want to run a command to validate the state of your services and objects after the upgrade:

dpbuddy assertState -domains ".*"

We recommend following this checklist when upgrading the firmware:

  • Make sure that you installing the firmware version for you DataPower model that includes the options that you have (Oracle, Tibco, etc.). You can tell from the filename — “lx” is for Linux, etc.
  • Make sure you have enough disk space on the device and on the host (Linux, VMWare).
  • Take the secure backup of the device (“dpbuddy secureBackup”)
  • Take the regular backup of all your domains (‘dpbuddy -domains “.*” -file dp_backups’)
  • Upgrade a development device first and test the functionality of your services before moving to DataPower in other environments.

You can contact us if you need help upgrading the firmware.

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