Latest DataPower Firmware Upgrade

The latest version of DataPower firmware is 2018.4.1.6 released on June 12 2019. It provides the following fixes, most of them are security-related.

You can upgrade your DataPower gateways directly from DPBuddy using the following commands (this will upgrade multiple devices at once):

dpbuddy quiesceDomain -domains ".*" -device "device1, device2 ..." 
dpbuddy firmware -fromUrl "<url for you DataPower model>" -device "device1, device2 ..." 
dpbuddy connect -device "device1, device2 ..." 

Use the following urls in the "firmware" command (images without options):

Consult Fix Central to find the exact download link for your firmware options and for your flavor of DataPower.

You may also want to run a command to validate the state of your services and objects after the upgrade:

dpbuddy assertState -domains ".*"

We recommend following this checklist when upgrading the firmware:

  • Make sure that you installing the firmware version for you DataPower model that includes the options that you have (Oracle, Tibco, etc.). You can tell from the filename -- "lx" is for Linux, etc.
  • Make sure you have enough disk space on the device and on the host (Linux, VMWare).
  • Take the secure backup of the device ("dpbuddy secureBackup")
  • Take the regular backup of all your domains ('dpbuddy -domains ".*" -file dp_backups')
  • Upgrade a development device first and test the functionality of your services before moving to DataPower in other environments.

You can contact us if you need help upgrading the firmware.

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