Update on DPBuddy Development and Support

We wanted to update our customers and the IBM DataPower community on the status of our DPBuddy tool.

Ever since its original release in 2010, DPBuddy has been fully supported by MyArch, Inc. We’re committed to providing this support in the future.

All our customers are welcome to contact us with any questions about DPBuddy functionality or with any issues or concerns.

As always, we’re committed to quickly fixing software defects and also to implementing new functionality suggested by our customers.
These suggestions take top priority in our release planning process.

DPBuddy has been fully tested with all recent DataPower firmware versions.

We had our last major release in January 2021 and we continue retesting DPBuddy against new DataPower fix packs and firmware versions as they become available.

We will issue updates in case we discover any problems caused by DataPower firmware changes.

We also intend to continue releasing annual updates to ensure that DPBuddy is compatible with the latest versions of Java and other software packages employed by the tool.

If you have any questions about DPBuddy support or DPBuddy roadmap, you can contact us via this link or via email to dpbuddy-support at myarch.com.

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