Automating DataPower Firmware Upgrades with DPBuddy

DPBuddy 3.4 supports DataPower firmware upgrades. With a single command, you can now install any firmware image on one or multiple DataPower boxes. DPBuddy can download a firmware image from any website, including directly from the IBM Fix Central.

For example, installing version from Fix Central can be done using this command:

dpbuddy firmware -fromUrl ""

To identify the URL of a different firmware version on Fix Central, simply login to it as usual, locate the version, accept the license and copy the URL from the download link on the web page.

DPBuddy waits for the completion of the upgrade (this can be disabled if needed), including waiting for DataPower reboot after the firmware installation. It then verifies that DataPower is fully operational after the upgrade and prints the version information as provided by DataPower:

Version: XI52., Build: 282355, BuildDate: 2016/11/10 06:58:32, WatchdogBuild: XI52., InstalledDPOS: XI52., RunningDPOS: XI52.

DPBuddy can also optionally validate that the version reported by DataPower matches the firmware image.

You can use the same command to upgrade multiple DataPower appliances:

dpbuddy firmware -fromUrl "" -device "dp1, dp2, dp3"

dp1, dp2 and dp3 are the names of your DataPower environments as defined in the DPBuddy’s config file.

You can also use DPBuddy to quiesce domains before applying the new firmware image:

dpbuddy quiesceDomain -domainPatterns ".*" -device "dp1, dp2, dp3"

More details are available in the documentation.

This page contains specific commands and links for the latest versions of the DataPower firmware.

If you’re interested in automating your firmware upgrades, please let us know.

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